2012 AR Conference — David Yeagley and Sam Dickson


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David Yeagley, great-great grandson of the Comanche chief Bad Eagle, begins by explaining why he had been willing to be the plaintiff in a case against the “anti-fascist” thugs who have harassed past conferences. Dr. Yeagley says he supports our cause out of loyalty to America: “How can you give this land you took from us by force to Muslims? I won’t let you do that.” Dr. Yeagley says he cannot understand why the white man has turned his back on his warrior past. He says we should defend what is ours because it is ours, and never apologize for what we have achieved at the cost of our own blood.

Sam G. Dickson brings the conference to a close. Facts and truth, he notes, simply do not matter to egalitarians. Even if it were universally recognized that integration has no benefits, the ethnomasochists would insist on it because they believe it makes blacks happy. Mr. Dickson argues that racial consciousness is neither of the Right nor of the Left and is so vital that it must transcend politics. Whites can work out our problems among themselves, but we must first have a place we can call our own. Mr. Dickson closes with a description of what can be the only guarantor of our survival as a people and culture: an ethnostate. Only in an ethnostate, he says, can there be true tolerance, because when people are all of one stock, naturally occurring diversity poses no threats and truly can be celebrated. He receives a standing ovation.

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