The Affirmative Action Hoax


Steven Farron

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What is called “affirmative action” is one of the greatest of contemporary hoaxes. First passed off as compensation for discrimination, then as a means to achieve “diversity,” it is nothing less than official, government-mandated discrimination against whites.

Professor Steven Farron of Witwatersrand University in South Africa, has written the definitive account of this pernicious policy, which whites have chose to impose on themselves. Drawing on extensive academic experience and on exhaustive research, he has written a uniquely undeceived and devastating analysis that will leave neither partisan nor critic unmoved.

Affirmative Action Hoax reviews:

Steven Farron, who earned a Ph.D. at Columbia University and was a professor of classics for many years at the University of the Witwatersrand in Johannesburg, South Africa, has produced a masterly volume on the thorny subject of what is euphemistically termed affirmative action. It doesn’t seem that an article, a book, or a collection of raw data on affirmative action has escaped his keen eye. He has written not only a comprehensive and exhaustive study of the subject but a brilliantly insightful critique of the whole ugly and unconstitutional process of discrimination against whites. Refreshingly, Farron pulls no punches, calling the process “vicious” and “anti-white” and underpinned by “shameless frauds and deliberate lies.” This second edition of The Affirmative Action Hoax contains data and documents not available when the book was originally published in 2005.
Roger D. McGrath, New Tricks, Chronicles, July 2011

There are entire libraries of books and articles on affirmative action, but if I had to choose a single one, it would be Steven Farron’s The Affirmative Action Hoax. It is clearly written, carefully documented, and brutally honest. It combines the historical record with up-to-date analysis of winners and losers in this ill-fated venture into social engineering. In fact, I consider The Affirmative Action Hoax the authoritative reference book on this complicated subject and, like a first-rate encyclopedia, Professor Farron keeps it updated both in this second edition and a website. I would even advise fans of affirmative action to read it so they can learn what is really happening. It is a stellar scholarly performance.
Robert Weissberg, Professor of Political Science, Emeritus, University of Illinois, Urbana

Steven Farron’s critique of affirmative action begins where any serious critique of this ill-conceived program should begin, by looking at group differences, some of which, for better or worse, are inherent. Prof. Farron’s carefully documented brief leads us to believe that modern egalitarian politics is at war with Nature itself. Affirmative action therefore rewards the less talented at the expense of the better qualified. Its proponents appeal to the socially victimized or to “diversity” in order to justify disadvantaging people or groups whose only crime is to be intelligent.
Paul Gottfried, Professor of Humanities at Elizabethtown College and author of Multiculturalism and the Politics of Guilt

No one can match Steven Farron for thoroughness, clarity, and utter disregard for contemporary pieties. The Affirmative Action Hoax may well be the first book-length treatment of racial preferences that pulls no punches and respects no taboos. It is also a goldmine of information about a host of subjects: SAT testing, college grades, school funding, how college admission really works. This relentless, meticulously documented book would reform even the most blinkered liberals—if only they had the courage and honesty to read it.
Jared Taylor, Editor, American Renaissance

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