Essential Writings on Race


Samuel T. Francis

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Samuel Francis was the most incisive thinker of our time on the politics of race. Here, in one volume, are his most thoughtful essays on this crucial subject. Lovingly edited and introduced by Jared Taylor, Essential Writings on Race is one of the central texts of American race-realist thought.

Praise for Essential Writings on Race

Samuel Francis died in February 2005, but the essays in this collection are very much alive. They address the most important issues facing the people of the West, here in the United States as well as in Europe, New Zealand, and Australia, indeed wherever Western Man and the civilization he has created are found. Dr. Francis not only identified the root causes of our malaise, but he outlined practical steps to preserve, protect, and help revitalize our civilization. This book is a survival guide for men and women of the West.

— Wayne Lutton, co-author, The Immigration Time Bomb and Editor, The Social Contract

Reading these essays by Sam, I am made aware for the hundredth time of how much we have lost by his untimely passing. What emerges from these discussions of race is nothing vulgar or demagogic but a mental seriousness that is almost entirely absent from today’s political journalism. Sam not only broaches what in a cowardly, mendacious society one is taught to avoid but he addresses his task with brilliance and even a certain delicacy. His efforts to make us think continue to enlighten those noble few who will listen.

— Paul Gottfried, Professor of Humanities, Elizabethtown College

The poet Robert Burns coined the expression “gentleman and scholar:” Sam Francis was also a journalist. Nothing engaged his analytical and expository talents more than the science and politics of race. No subject was more vital in his lifetime, nor more taboo. This book is a well-organized and illuminatingly-annotated selection of Francis’ thinking on race. It is valuable today; it may well prove seminal in the future.

— Peter Brimelow, Editor, Vdare.Com

This collection comprises some of Sam’s most provocative, controversial — and to his critics, most infuriating — work. Here is Sam Francis at his analytical best, fearlessly addressing taboo subjects in columns, essays and speeches that sent his limp-wristed conservative Republican colleagues running for shelter. This compilation is essential reading for understanding the importance of race in politics, and demonstrates why Sam Francis remains so influential on the American right.

— Jerry Woodruff, Editor, Middle American News

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