A Dissident’s Guide to Blacks and Africa


Introduction by Jared Taylor

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A collection of two dozen undeceived essays, book reviews, first-person accounts, and psychological analyses that illuminate the most intractable problem of our era. All originally published in American Renaissance. 232 pp. Introduction by Jared Taylor.

Praise for A Dissident’s Guide to Blacks and Africa:

What makes A Dissident’s Guide so special is how it approaches this singular problem from so many different angles. We have historical perspectives, brief biographies, book reviews, race-realist memoirs, psychological analyses, personal tragedies, and dire predictions. That some of its authors are black and about a third of its essays deal with Africa rather than the United States only adds layers of meaning and complexity to this unforgettable essay collection. Yes, it is truly a dissident’s guide which will fortify anyone brave enough to be on the race-realist Right these days. But it will also serve as an expeditious (and perhaps nearly painless) eyeopener for non-dissidents. It leaves all the dry science and statistics to people like Michael Levin and J. Philippe Rushton, and instead focuses more on the social, psychological, and emotional stakes we all have in dealing (or not dealing) with race. A Dissident’s Guide is not so much hard to refute but hard to refuse. Of all the great works I have read coming from American Renaissance, this one might have the best chance of breaking through to a broader audience. — Spencer Quinn, Counter-Currents contributor and author of White Like You.

A Dissident’s Guide to Blacks and Africa is the best collection of essays I have seen that challenges the entire civil rights narrative and the premises sustaining it. All in all, fascinating, insightful and intellectually daring.” — Dr. Ricardo Duchesne, author of The Uniqueness of Western Civilization

“Often poignant, sometimes horrifying, occasionally hilarious, but always thought-provoking, the essays in this volume offer fascinating insights into Africans, including a number of eye-opening pieces by Africans themselves. Well worth reading.” — Dr. Edward Dutton, author of Race Differences in Ethnocentrism

“This book paints a horrific picture of Africa and Africans that, unfortunately, I know to be accurate. Students at Swarthmore and Bard should be made to read it, at gunpoint if necessary, after which their professors can lead them in a cleansing chorus of ‘Kumbaya’ — but they might have learned something.” — Fred Reed, “a curmudgeon living in central Mexico with a splendid wife, three street dogs, and a sufficiency of red wine”

“Racial reality is discussed in this book, by whites and a surprising number of blacks, with a frankness that will shock anyone who has never ventured outside the American Ruling Class’s fantasy bubble. But what most strikes me is the book’s essential humanity and compassion, notwithstanding its grim conclusion — by a white South African — that demographic trends mean the whole planet may soon face the fate of his own country.” — Peter Brimelow, editor of VDARE.com

“Each of the book’s two dozen essays is served up in the inimitably dispassionate and logically airtight American Renaissance style — because the facts are shocking enough on their own.” — Jim Goad, author of The Redneck Manifesto and Whiteness: The Original Sin

“This book covers the whole territory of blackness calmly and frankly — a valuable addition to the literature of race realism.” — John Derbyshire, author of We Are Doomed

“I’ve heard countless academics, journalists, and musicians brag that ‘the future is black.’ If they’re right, A Dissident’s Guide to Blacks and Africa lets you know what we’re in for.” — James Kirkpatrick, frequent contributor to VDARE.com and other dissident publications

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