Why Race Matters


Michael Levin

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Michael Levin’s 1997 masterpiece quickly became a classic, and just as quickly went out of print. Used copies of the hardcover edition sold for up to $500.00! New Century Foundation secured the publishing rights, and now offers this affordable edition. It includes every word of the original, plus a new foreword by Jared Taylor, editor of American Renaissance.

Praise for Why Race Matters:

Philosopher Michael Levin has delivered one of the most authoritative and incisive treatises on the importance of race ever written. — J. Philippe Rushton, University of Western Ontario

Why Race Matters does exactly what the title promises — it removes all illusions about the insignificance of race. — Jared Taylor, editor, American Renaissance

Levin’s mastery of the subject is evinced in his book’s amazingly broad and detailed scope and analytical depth. — Arthur R. Jensen, U.C. Berkeley

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