On Genetic Interests


Frank Salter

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Frank Salter has made a vitally important contribution to our understanding of the significance of race and ethnicity in human affairs. Dr. Salter, an Australian who has been a researcher since 1991 at the Max Planck Society in Andechs, Germany, offers a perspective that is no less significant than that of Philippe Rushton, Richard Lynn, Arthur Jensen, Michael Levin, or anyone else whose work throws light on scientific questions long obscured by taboo.

Jared Taylor, “What We Owe Our People,” AR, Jan. 2005.

The need to identify with others like oneself, and to be with one’s own kind, is a major component of human nature and so ethnic identity is a powerful force in human affairs. Group members have “ties of blood” that make them “special” and different from outsiders… . Culture builds on genetic similarity and is bound together by it. Patriotism is preached in kinship terms. Nations are the “motherland” or the “fatherland” and unions and churches refer to their members as “brothers” and “sisters.”

Salter draws out the implications, however politically incorrect, for immigration policies, citizenship law, affirmative action, multi¬culturalism, and other ways of allocating resources within and between states.

J. Philippe Rushton

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