2011 AR Conference — Jared Taylor and Sam Dickson


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Jared Taylor: “The Current State of Race Relations.” American Renaissance editor Jared Taylor says the current age is characterized by a “belief in miracles.” Those beliefs include: that the effect of genes can be overcome by environment; that diversity can be transmuted from a weakness into a strength; and that a ballooning population will somehow not thwart our goal of energy independence nor burden the environment.

Sam Dickson, “Knowing Who We Are.” Mr. Dickson, who has spoken at every AR conference, points out that a sense of community with one’s racial kin is healthy and normal, and argues that to ask whites to turn their backs on their race and people is like asking parents to turn their backs on their own children. He also calls for whites to form their own ethnostate, where they can be sure their traditions and peoplehood will flourish.

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