2002 AR Conference — Levin, Rushton, and Lynn


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Prof. Michael Levin: “Reparations for Slavery?” Once again, Levin applies relentless logic to an important question and finds four potential answers to the call for reparations. He saves the best, of course, for last.

Prof. J. Philippe Rushton with Prof. Richard Lynn: “I.Q. and the Wealth of Nations” and “In Search of the African I.Q.” In a “two-fer” presentation Lynn and Rushton detail their latest findings. Lynn sums up highlights of his new work “I.Q. and the Wealth of Nations,” while Rushton shows why I.Q. tests are not culturally biased. It does appear that the average African I.Q. is about 70. Excellent primer for those who wish to answer the claims of cultural bias in I.Q. tests. (Approximately 2 hours.)

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