2012 AR Conference — Jared Taylor and James Edwards


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Jared Taylor, editor of American Renaissance, likens the current dogma about racial equality to the ancient view that the sun revolves around the earth. In both cases, everything built on a faulty assumption is wrong. Mr. Taylor argues that faulty assumptions about equality lead to absurd policies: racial preferences, lowered standards, assumptions of white “racism,” etc. Mr. Taylor said that a faulty understanding of human nature makes it impossible for egalitarians to understand the profoundly moral nature of the white desire for a homeland. He receives a standing ovation.

James Edwards, host of the Political Cesspool radio program, speaks about effective white advocacy, reminding the audience that “loving our race is the key.” He urges whites to model their lives on the heroes of the past, and says that while we seem to have few men of such stature today, “we still have those genes; they are lying dormant, waiting to be stimulated.” Epic heroism is not possible for all men, but we “can start by being heroes in our homes, by being good husbands, good fathers, good brothers, and good sons.” He urges whites to “walk with your shoulders square and tell people the truth.” Mr. Edwards concludes that the main message of our people—“You cannot have a First-World nation with a Third-World population”—is so compelling that it cannot help but break through.

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