The Passing of the Great Race


Madison Grant

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The Passing of the Great Race is one of the most prominent racially oriented books of all time, written by the most influencial American conservationist that ever lived. Historically, topically, and geographically, Grant’s magnum opus covers a vast amount of ground, broadly tracing the racial history of Europeans from prehistoric times to the present, with an emphasis on the need to preserve the northern European type and generally improve the race—for Grant was, logically, a proponent of eugenics.

Generally well received at the time in both the popular and scholarly press and going through four editions and multiple reprints, Theodore Roosevelt described The Passing of the Great Race as “a capital work.” Along with Lothrop Stoddard, Grant was probably the single most influential creator of the national mood that made possible the immigration control measures of 1924, and for this reason The Passing of the Great Race remains one of the foremost classic texts in the literature of human biodiversity.

This new edition supercedes all others in many respects. Firstly, it comes with a number of enhancements that will be found in no other edition, including: an introductory essay by Jared Taylor (of American Renaissance), which puts Grant’s text into context from our present-day perspective; abundant editorial footnotes, which correct and update wherever necessary Grant’s original narration; an expanded and more user-friendly index, making it easier to locate passages in Grant’s complex monograph; and a reformated bibliography, following modern conventions of style and meeting today’s higher information requirements. Secondly, great care has been placed on producing an aesthetically appealing volume, graphically and typographically—something that, again, is unique to this edition. Complete with cover artwork by Alex Kurtagic, this edition will be appreciated by both scholars and book collectors alike.

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